Giveaway Winners

Every month, CollegeCFO hosts a $50 giveaway on our Instagram! In order to be entered into the giveaway, we ask our participants to do a few simple tasks. For example, we may have them take one of our surveys or share with us a financial story/mistake! We do this so we can learn even more about our target audience, young adults and college students. For those who participate in our giveaways, we reward them for helping us!

October 2019

Lexi LeFever, Sophomore at UWEC

Tip: “Spend your money wisely each week, on groceries and other expenses. Make a goal of how much you can and can’t spend that week.”

September 2019

Lindsay Smith, Senior at FGCU

Tip: “Put away a certain amount of money from each paycheck into your savings.”

July 2019

Ximena Villasis, Alumna of FGCU

Tip: “Every paycheck, put at least 10% into your savings. My dad always tells me that.”

June 2019

Nicolette Román, Alumna of FGCU

Tip: “Always put into your savings whenever possible. Rainy days do happen and you’ll be happy you put that money aside when you did.”