Interns & Ambassadors
Ready to bring CollegeCFO to your campus?

We want to help YOU bring CollegeCFO to your campus so you can help your peers receive the best financial education! CollegeCFO is all about peer-to-peer interaction and education, so we need you to help. Represent CollegeCFO on your campus by becoming an intern or campus ambassador today by sending us your resume!

What’s in it for you?

CollegeCFO offers our interns and ambassadors real work experience! Every project and task our team completes goes great on a resume and in a portfolio. Our interns and campus ambassadors learn how to use and work with iGrad, a great resource for young adults everywhere. They utilize WordPress to create and update our site, as well as to write blog posts. We create and conduct surveys and giveaways, create press releases and infographics, as well as running social media accounts – and much more! Everything we offer and teach our interns and campus ambassadors looks GREAT on a resume and can be incredibly useful for careers in many fields!

By becoming a CollegeCFO intern or campus ambassador, you get hands-on access to all of the resources and tools CollegeCFO has to offer. Plus, you get to take part in spreading the word of financial literacy to all your peers! At CollegeCFO, we want to help you become financially independent and to become your own Chief Financial Officer.

What’s in it for us?

CollegeCFO is all about peer-to-peer interaction and education, so to do that, we need YOU! We want your help to reach students everywhere to provide them with the financial tools and resources they need to be successful! By having interns and campus ambassadors, we are able to easily reach more students to provide them with all the resources we have. Our interns and campus ambassadors assist us in finding the best ways to get our information to students and young adults!