Attention shoppers: From August 2nd – August 6th Florida will be tax-free on back-to-school supplies, so get your wallets ready! This year Florida’s back-to-school sales tax holiday grew by two whole days, which is great for all of us college students ballin’ on a budget.

In past years Florida only celebrated being tax-free for three days, but now shoppers have a full five to get everything they need! That’s not all, this year Florida is also including technology, so if your laptop is on its last leg, or you need a printer, now is the time to make those big purchases.

But before you shop till you drop on those back-to-school supplies here some things you should know:
1. You don’t want to jump the gun OR come late to the party; this year Florida’s tax-free holiday starts at 12:01 a.m. August 2, 2019 and goes through 11:59 p.m. August 6, 2019!
2. Not everything you want will be tax-free, so just keep that in mind before you let your inner shopaholic out. If we’re talking technology the first $1,000 you spend on computers and accessories will be tax-free. Same goes for clothes, backpacks and footwear that are selling for $60 or less and school supplies up to $15.
3. To clarify the last point, this goes for the cost of the individual item, not your overall purchase!
4. Here’s an example of “up-to” the cost: if one school supply item costs less than $15, it will be tax-free. If another school supply item costs more than $15 it will be taxed like normal, the first $15 will NOT be exempt from that sales tax. This goes for technology as well, with the first $1,000 being tax-free. If you thought that was self-explanatory, you’d be surprised by how many people needed that clarification, but that’s okay that’s what we’re here for!
5. These rules apply for online shopping as well! Internet sales of eligible items during the holiday will be tax-free, even if delivery is made after the holiday period! UNLESS the item you’re purchasing is out-of-stock, if the item can’t be immediately placed for shipment it doesn’t count.
6. Just because it’s tax-free doesn’t mean you’re automatically getting the best price! Coupons and discounts do apply during the sales holiday, so be a smart shopper and look for those deals before you make any purchases! Macy’s and Aldi both run sales during the tax-free holiday to allow their costumers the most savings!
7. Not sure what you should buy? Here are some examples of items that will be tax-free as long as they fall under those monetary limits we mentioned earlier: laptops, headphones, printers, ink cartridges, jackets, jeans, leggings, fitness clothing, backpacks, swimsuits, notebooks, folders, pens, and calculators!

Enjoy the tax-free holiday and shop smart!

By Emily Beltran

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