I had a great idea to plan a trip to New Orleans with my sister for May 2019. We were so excited because neither of us had been there before and there were a lot of places we were planning on going to. The trip was booked for about six days…that was my first mistake. Not to mention that we booked this trip on April 1 so I had plenty of time to start saving money…but I didn’t. Hear my warnings friends and don’t do what I did.

It’s the day before we leave for the airport and I had $3 in my bank account. I am a shopaholic and I love eating out and it’s become my downfall. Luckily, my mom realized I had no actual money (other than 2 credit cards) and she gave me a little cash just so I had something but I hate taking money from my mom so I wasn’t planning on using all of it. By the end of my trip I had racked up $400 onto my Discover credit card, yikes! Now looking back on my lack of saving and budgeting to the couple months prior to my trip, I realize it would have been so easy to save money for that trip. Also, the trip was far too long, 6 days means more hotel nights, lots of meals, and having to find more things to do. It would’ve been better to have a 3 day trip which would’ve meant half the meals, and a big difference in expenditures.

Simply saving $40 every week since the idea of the trip came up in February would’ve given me $440! Failure to plan and save cost me a big dent in my credit card…now I can use my new saving tip to help pay off the bill.

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