So, you’re thinking of starting a side hustle, but before you do you should think about a few things. By definition, side hustles are any type of employment undertaken in addition to one’s full-time job. That’s right, a successful side hustle is dependent on you already having a main source of income. Before you start taking on a bunch of low paying side gigs, evaluate your full-time job. Is it supplying you with enough income to support you? If it’s not, consider looking for a better paying full-time job before you take on something else on the side.

Understand that adding a side hustle to your life will take away from something even more valuable than money… time. If you’re willing to give up your time to pay the bills or have some extra guilt-free spending money than the side hustle life might be for you.

Now that you’re sure about taking on a second job, it’s time to decide what that job will be. If you’re able to choose something that you enjoy doing anyway. Switching up things from what you do as a part-time job will make what you’re doing feel less like work!

Here are 6 steps to have you hustling like a pro!

  1. Create a list of things you’re good at that could also bring you some extra income. This could be anything from photography or videography to dog walking or babysitting to crafting and creating your own Etsy shop! Be creative!
  2. Narrow your list down and focus on one skill that you have that is in high demand.
  3. Make sure you’re good at whatever you’re going to ask people to pay you for. If that’s photography, make sure you have a professional camera and you’re good at editing photos. If that’s babysitting, are you CPR certified? Consider investing in your side hustle if you really want to be successful with it.
  4. Begin to advertise yourself! Look into websites that you can join that people trust already and frequently go to find someone to meet their needs. Some examples of these are Shuttr for photographers, Angie’s List for babysitters and Wag! or Rover for pet sitters.
  5. Be strategic with marking. You could even start with a deal, like half off their first service and full price thereafter. This will also take the pressure off of you while you’re still getting the hang of your new side job!
  6. Use social media to your advantage and spread the word of the service you’re providing! Depending on what your job is you could even make your own Instagram for the service for marketing purposes.

A successful side hustle will help you make more money, meet new people and if it’s something you enjoy it will leave you more fulfilled!

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