It’s extremely rewarding and fulfilling to be completely in control of your finances, so if you’re ready to increase your income, let’s do it! To start, it’s you need to get out of the “broke mindset”. Taking on a “broke mindset” is something that happens to most people in their early to mid-twenties because most of us are so used to being a “broke college student” it becomes part of our identity. No matter how much your income may fluctuate, whether you’re “broke” or not is entirely up to you.

So, how do you know if you have a “broke mindset”? Well if you’re constantly telling yourself or others that you can’t do something because you can’t afford it, then you have a “broke mindset”. The first step to manifesting money into your life is to start living like you already have all the money you need to do the things you want. Now, this doesn’t mean you should run to the mall and rack up a huge bill on your credit card, this means if there is something you really want to buy, start budgeting out how you can buy it. Because you can afford it, even if that means you have to save for it.

It’s time to start seeing yourself in a new light, and this might be weird at first and you may frequently find yourself reverting back to your old “broke mindset” but be aware of that and combat it when it happens. If you want to manifest more money into your life you need to believe that you deserve it! Stop thinking that wanting to make lots of money is bad and rich people are the enemy because neither is true. Associating large amounts of money with negativity is a limiting belief. Money is not bad, money allows you to do the things want to do, it allows you to give to other people and it allows you to live comfortably or more than comfortably. None of those things are bad things.

You are a Badass at Making Money”, by Jen Sincero is all about the idea of manifesting the income of your dreams into your life and many of these notions were learned from her book. In her book, she explains that the law of attraction is not magic, and it doesn’t happen overnight but it’s a free tool that can help you get to work, so why not give it a try?

Pro Tip: Get extremely clear with yourself and the universe about what you want to accomplish when you begin your manifestation. How much do you want to make a week, a month, a year? If you’re manifesting this money into your life so you can buy your dream car think about what it looks like, and even what it feels like to drive. The more specific you are about what you want the more driven you will be to reach your goal. Write everything you want down and write it out, again and again, every single day until it’s yours. There is so much power in physically writing something down.

Take your manifesting one step further and print out a blank check from the universe and write it out for how much you want to manifest into your life. Be realistic with your current situation and work ethic and know that this money isn’t just going to drop from the sky into your lap, but you’re being honest with yourself that this is something you want, now go and get it.

You will be so happy when you reach the goal on that check and you will be so proud of yourself for working hard for the money you earned. Once you know what you want to make an action plan on how you’re going to achieve it. Figure out how much you’re going to put away every paycheck so you can save to reach your goal and give yourself a few time stamps on when realistically you’ll have a certain number in savings.

The key to manifestation is believing in yourself and what you want entirely. See it in your bank account, dream about it, make reaching this goal a passion. Remind yourself why you’re doing this and remind yourself again that money isn’t bad. Follow this mantra: I love money because I love myself. Accept that money goes good for you and write a list of why you deserve money. Do you deserve to make more money because you work hard and you deserve a vacation? Do you deserve to make more money because so you can give back to your family for all they’ve done for you? Whatever your reason is to why you deserve to make more money, use it to motivate you.

While you’re on this quest to earn and save, take time to be grateful for what you already have and what you’re going to have. When you make more money will you be grateful to pay off your student loans? Write out what you are grateful for now and what you will be in the future, and then say it out loud. Verbal affirmation will do wonders.

Be strong in your will to achieve this goal and stay positive. Believe that you deserve more and that you are worth more and don’t let yourself settle for anything less.

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