Everyone has the right to look stylish, even on a budget! Make the most out of your wardrobe by following these helpful tips!
Find some great basics: Your basics are your staples, they’re pretty much the backbone to every outfit! Neutral basics will help you maximize your outfits because whites, blacks, browns can easily match to many different things you already have. Avoid patterns as your staples because they’re not as versatile.

Get your trendy fixes for less: Following trends is so fun, but can really break the bank. Offer times trendy pieces are expensive AND go out of style by the next season. It’s okay to follow high-end fashion, but get those items at the low-end cost, stores like Forever21, Zara and H&M have your back!

Think before you buy: When you’re shopping and you find a piece you really like, ask yourself if you can make at least three outfits with it before you buy it! If you can, get it, if you can’t, put it back!

Pick a color pallet that fits your style and stick to it: Find a theme of colors that you feel confident in and build your wardrobe around it! If you generally have items of similar colors you’ll have a cohesive wardrobe.

You can splurge on your accessories: Accessories tend to stay in trend longer than patterns or colors, so if you’re going to ball out, do so on something timeless! Raybands that came out 20 years ago are STILL on-trend, so if you want to ball out, do it on items that you use more frequently! Jewelry, purses, sunglasses and even (sensible) shoes all fall into this category.

Clean out your closet often: If you have items that are in good condition but that you just don’t wear often, sell them! There’s no use in letting something take up space when you could sell money and use it to get something that you’ll use. If it’s not in the best condition donate it or throw it away, have a closet full of clothes you actually want to wear makes it a whole lot easier and quicker to pick out your outfit in the morning!

Take care of your clothes: Lint roll, steam and iron your items! You paid good money for them and to get your money’s worth you need to take care of them. Read the tags and if something says to air dry definitely let it air dry! The less you use the dryer, the longer your clothes will hold their shape and won’t shrink!

We can all be fashionistas, good luck!

By Emily Beltran

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