Let’s talk money…saving it that is! Millions of lucky people travel from the United States to go overseas every year, ultimately spending a whopping $135 billion, yes billion with a “b”, in tourism expenditures in 2017 alone (Newsweek). And while probably everyone would prefer to travel in lavish and luxurious modes of transportation and hotels, they aren’t always so great for your bank accounts. So, while Americans continue to travel to Europe secifically, why not save some money on your transportation so that those savings can be put elsewhere (like eating more macaroons perhaps). The big idea?

European Bus Tours

While traveling in Europe it’s well-known that traveling to nearby cities and countries is quite popular and most do so by more flying, trains or driving but there’s another option that a lot of people seem to overlook which are the European coach buses (probably looked over because of the American bus systems, who can blame them?). The coach bus isn’t as glamorous as a first-class train seat but the difference in comfort isn’t THAT extensive, but the difference in costs can be. Recently The New York Times did an article and Aric Jenkins priced out a trip from Prague to Berlin. His top result for trains  cost $64 for a 4-hour, 17-minute journey. The bus on the other hand, arrives two minutes sooner for $26 (Aric Jenkins, New York Times).

Tools For Price Comparisons

There are a lot of different websites and apps that can help travelers stay within their budgets when on a trip, some of those best ones for Europe are: Omio, FromAtoB and Wanderu.

After all, everyone loves to save money on vacation and if the chance to see more of Europe for a smaller cost, why not? What may be sacrificed in luxury will be made up in savings! Book a trip to Europe and see what savings could be waiting for you!

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