Located at the top right corner of CollegeCFO’s homepage, you’ll find a “Login to iGrad” button. Now, you may be asking, what does that mean? What is iGrad?

iGrad is YOUR personal guide to personal finance. iGrad is where students and young adults can come to get better at money management, make sense of student loans, and get ready to prepare for your dream career! iGrad has got you covered for all of those real-world skills that you wish you had a class for in high school. You can access mini-courses (that are actually fun) to help you improve the money skills that matter the most to you. iGrad offers articles, videos, infographics, and all the must-know money, career, and student loan tips you could ever dream of.

And the best part of it all? You can enter iGrad right on CollegeCFO’s website. Signing up is easy – it only takes a few minutes to gain access to tools that will help you for a lifetime! The first step is to go to our website, which you are most definitely already on if you’re reading this. Go to the top right corner of our page and click the login button! You will then be brought to iGrad’s sign-in page. From there, you can click “Sign Up,” located at the bottom right of the white box. You will be asked to fill in your typical signing-up information, then you’ll be prompted to complete a “Financial Wellness Checkup.” This checkup will ask you a number of questions about different subjects, such as which parts of finances cause you to stress and what you’re hoping to save up for. After you’ve completed your checkup, which only takes about a minute or two, you’ll be given content personally recommended for you!

The recommended content can range from how to financially prepare for a pet to how to create an emergency fund. And that’s just a small, small fraction of everything iGrad has to offer! At the top of their page, you can find the three main topics iGrad discusses: Managing money, paying for school, and finding a career. Within those three, there are about thirty different topics. From affordable Halloween costumes to borrowing student loans, iGrad covers anything a young adult could need to handle their personal finance. 

Not only is their content amazing, but iGrad’s tools and resources are also great! You can upload your resume to have it critiqued by a trusted expert – for free. iGrad also offers jobs and internships searches to help you get a jumpstart into your dream career. There are expenses, goals, and finances trackers, as well as student loan calculators! 

To sum it up, iGrad is every college student and young adult’s DREAM. It’s so easy to access all of this information right from CollegeCFO. And it’s all for FREE! Why not start now?

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